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A dangerous epidemic is present in the US and beyond. It has largely gone unnoticed by both the public and those who shape public policy. This epidemic has recently been exposed, thanks to financial literacy statistics. These statistics show that financial awareness is missing in most homes and financial education is absent from most school systems throughout the US. Financial literacy statistics also point to the most efficient path toward educating the public.

When targeted awareness initiatives and education are employed through public programs and schools, the financial knowledge and behavior will permeate throughout families and society as a whole. Financial literacy statistics have made it abundantly clear that an epidemic of illiteracy is pervasive among the world.

Such startling statistics are hard to argue against and shift the burden of proof to the skeptics. Financial literacy statistics demonstrate that a majority of individuals do not possess the financial expertise needed to make healthy financial choices that will benefit them in the long run.

These facts send a clear message to those in charge of public policy and those with the desire to better their communities: the financial illiteracy epidemic must be addressed. The results from a nationwide telephone survey asking whether the individual had taken an economics or business course at high school and whether they were banked found a statistically significant association between level of high school financial education and being banked Wiley.

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This effect was proven to be stronger in more sociable communities National Bureau of Economic Research. In a survey conducted by the National Financial Educators Council, 5. North Dakota, which ranked 4th out of all 50 states on a financial literacy assessment, had the highest percentage of respondents at Vermont, which ranked 2nd out of all 50 states on a financial literacy assessment, had the lowest rate of non-bank borrowing methods, at The GAO suggests delivery methods should be constructed with the audience in mind.

There is some evidence to suggest, for example, that youth are better inclined to retain information when learning through a simulation University of Northern Texas. The Financial Literacy and Education Commission FLEC recommends targeted materials and cogent dissemination strategies must be employed by programs to underrepresented subgroups in the population. Understanding the needs of low-income and minority communities is essential to produce relevant materials that can help ameliorate the problems brought on by poor financial practices US Dept of the Treasury.

The public, often concerned about the quality of their public education systems and the strength of their economies, miss the crucial fact that financial literacy is necessary for the upcoming generation to succeed professionally.

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Financial literacy statistics reveal a negligence among public educators and communities in equipping their youth with the financial competencies that will help lay the foundation for a chain of positive financial choices. Working with programs run by both the public and private sector, communities can foster an understanding of the benefits of financial literacy among their citizens.

Using polls, surveys, research, and think tanks, the NFEC gathers data and an open source model to share the results with the industry and general public.

The goal is to share the latest information and best practices with the financial education industry, provide those in the media the latest information and to support the development of financial literacy programming.

Survey — What high school course would benefit you the most in the real world?I have some good news. Back to the good news. Over 1, of you took the test, passing with flying colors. Ninety-five percent of you got all three questions right. What can I say?

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You, my readers, are superbly, astoundingly, almost perfectly financially literate. There is more. As a decades-long proponent of financial literacy education, I cannot agree more. I see planning as the key to financial success, especially the kind of thinking ahead that needs to start early in life, well before the far-in-the-future retiree starts thinking about saving and investing for the very distant 30 or 40 years of life after work.

Go to www. See how you fare. If you do score well, congratulations. Take the next step to actually put some effort into creating a plan for yourself. Start with a situation audit. If you already have a plan, use this opportunity to review it.

Update the elements of the plan. Make sure you have a competent retirement strategy that will allow you to retire securely. Julie Jason: Financial literacy test results: Are you likely to save for retirement? More than 1, of you took the test and passed with flying colors. Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window.

By Julie Jason readers juliejason. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in Business. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Fewer than one in five Americans can pass a basic financial literacy test, and that figure correlates strongly with a lack of saving and investing, results of a recent survey show.

Four of the terms were basic, including mutual fund, asset allocation, exchange-traded fund and cost basis. The remaining three questions were slightly more advanced, covering the definitions of passive investing and taxable brokerage account and the difference between traditional and Roth retirement accounts.

The results raise questions about financial education in the U. The way that companies describe their products and services to the investing public could also use an overhaul, she noted.

Some, such as Acorns, describe passive investing in a way that consumers find more intuitive, the report found. People who gave more technical and correct definitions for the different terms tended to have better saving and investing habits than those who gave intuitive but less precise answers, the report found.

There were some differences across generations and education and income levels related to how often people passed the quiz. Having money also correlated with knowledge about financial terms.

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For example, people should be able to decide whether they want a broad or detailed level of financial advice, not whether they should invest specifically in mutual funds versus ETFs, she noted. There is a general lack of financial education in the U.

That survey included responses from more than 1, people. A academic paper published in the Quarterly Journal of Finance found correlations between education level and financial literacy. Authors Annamaria Lusardi, a professor at George Washington University, and Olivia Mitchell, professor at The Wharton School, found that financial literacy is also strongly linked with retirement planning.

The decision follows a similar one by Prudential Financial to stop selling variable annuities with living benefits, amid extremely low interest rates. News Retirement News Should k s require a test for savers to invest outside of target dates? Terms like 'mutual fund' and 'passive investing' are misunderstood, and those who can't define them are less likely to invest and save for retirement, according to a new report.

Recent Articles by Author. Transamerica to halt sales of VAs with guarantees, fixed annuities The decision follows a similar one by Prudential Financial to stop selling variable annuities with living benefits, amid extremely low interest rates.

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Financial Responsibility: The basics and how to achieve it.

business news investing financial literacy data

Understanding inflation and how it affects you. Understanding Speculation in financial market trading. How are Financial Statements Prepared? Nem Insurance Plc shareholders approve 9 bonus shares for every 10 ordinary shares held.

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Should 401(k)s require a test for savers to invest outside of target dates?

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business news investing financial literacy data

Add New Playlist.Harvard Business School Online's Business Insights Blog provides the career insights you need to achieve your goals and gain confidence in your business skills. Financial literacy can help you succeed in any area of businessand elevate your decision-making, negotiation, and leadership skills. Financial literacy is the understanding of financial terminology, statements, and concepts, and knowing how to use this information to make a financial impact.

The first step is to read up on the language and documents your company uses to talk about and track finances. Once you have a handle on the basics of finance, you can leverage your knowledge to make an impact. Here are five ways financial literacy can help you succeed in business. When faced with a difficult business decision, you can confidently consider the financial implications before weighing your options and making the best choice for your team and organization.

Financial literacy can enable you to become a well-rounded leader who considers multiple facets of any issues that arise. When your team is in need of money for a project or product, your understanding of finance can help you build a strong case. For instance, if your team is requesting funding for project management software, you could calculate the anticipated return on investment based on how much more efficiently the software could enable your team to work. Related: 6 Budgeting Tips for Managers.

Financial literacy can help you thrive at the negotiation table. If the matter of negotiation will impact the financial well-being of the organization, understanding how to talk about the financial implications of your desired outcome could sway the conversation in your favor.

These factors include your preferred learning style, budget, schedule, and transportation options. No matter your role, being financially literate can help you succeed in business. At a time when the demand for financial literacy is high and expected to climb, learning about finance can enable you to make better decisions, negotiate more effectively, and positively impact your organization.

Whether you choose to read up on financenetwork with other professionals, or take an online courseyour financial literacy is in your hands.

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Are you looking to develop or hone your financial literacy? Explore our six-week Leading with Finance course or eight-week Financial Accounting course, both fully online, to develop your toolkit for making and understanding financial decisions. Catherine Cote Author Staff.

What Is Financial Literacy? Financial Statement Analysis: The Basics for Non-Accountants Once you have a handle on the basics of finance, you can leverage your knowledge to make an impact. Related: 6 Budgeting Tips for Managers 4. Hone Your Negotiation Skills Financial literacy can help you thrive at the negotiation table.

Advancing Your Career With Financial Literacy No matter your role, being financially literate can help you succeed in business. Prior to joining HBS Online, she worked at an early-stage SaaS startup where she found her passion for writing content, and at a digital consulting agency, where she specialized in SEO.

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Catherine holds a B. When not at work, you can find her hiking, performing or watching theatre, or hunting for the best burger in Boston.Mellody Hobson, named Starbucks ' new board chair on Wednesday, knows what it is like to grow up without money. That's what drove her to her current profession and why she is so focused on the importance of financial literacy. Hobson started her career at Chicago-based money-management firm Ariel Investments as a college intern.

She's now in her twenty-ninth year at the firm and is the co-CEO and president. She also sits on several corporate boards, including J. Morgan Chase. Currently vice chair of the Starbucks board, she'll take the helm in March.

The youngest of six children, Hobson was raised in Chicago by a single mother. Keller during the summit.

business news investing financial literacy data

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Hobson learned to make herself indispensable, even at her first job when she was She never looked down on any job or any opportunity, even helping a boss write thank you notes for his daughter, she said. She puts that same passion into helping others, whether it is the push for racial equality, helping those less fortunate, or advocating for financial literacy. She believes schools should be educating kids about money, including investing.

Currently, only 21 states require high school students to take a course in personal finance and 25 require high school students to take an economics course, according to the Council for Economic Education. Financial advisors can also do their part, she told the CFP summit.

business news investing financial literacy data

While teaching adults about money is important, the biggest way to impact change is to focus on the children, she said. Over the next several years, the students learn about investing and can trade stocks and other assets. Among other things, she is the chairwoman of the board for After School Matters, a nonprofit that provides Chicago teens with high-quality, after-school programs.

Hobson College is the first to be named for a Black woman at Princeton. While she's faced obstacles along her climb up the ladder, she hopes that she's forging a path for those who follow her. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. VIDEO Invest in You: Ready.The lack of financial understanding by consumers has been signaled as one of the main reasons behind savings and investing problems faced by many Americans.

Financial literacy matters. Here's what we need to do about it

To that point, a variety of financial research and reports have made it clear that we, as a country, need to focus on financial literacy. This is the knowledge needed for savvy financial decision-making.

Too many people just don't have it, and that does not bode well for families, their communities or the country. The index gauges overall personal finance knowledge and provides a nuanced analysis of eight areas where individuals routinely make financial decisions.

The latest findings are sobering for two reasons. First, financial knowledge is especially low where it is most needed: in the area of risk and risk management. Second, financial literacy is not improving over time. This is the third time this annual survey has been conducted.

There is little change from the results. Even though we see little progress on the financial literacy front, the data does give us additional insight. It tells us that knowledge is low, even among older respondents and others who have already made financial decisions with far-reaching consequences.

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Practice does not make perfect when it comes to money management. Financial literacy, it seems, does not improve much with experience. There's something else that underscores why it is urgent that we address this challenge: Financial literacy is especially low among the young. And that's a major disconnect since they are about to make — or already have made — important and consequential financial decisions. Many have invested in their educationtaking on student loans, or they have contributed to retirement accounts.

But they have done so without fully understanding the long-term implications. There is also a financial literacy gender gap — and in it remains sizable. Not only does this gap stand tall, it is stubborn. It has persisted over time and surfaces for women in every age group.

More from Invest In You: Do this now to feel financially secure in future This simple banking move can multiply your money Figuring out your net worth isn't just for the 1 percenters.

The latest P-Fin survey also shows a clear link between financial knowledge and financial well-being, including the ability to handle a financial shock, such as unexpected medical bills or a needed car repair.


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